The FSTP offer termination and splicing within one housing from 24/48 fibers in 5U to 72/96 fibers in 9/10U frame. The
unit is swing type and accepts 6 coupling panels and fibers are routed to the lower section of the unit where splice trays,
fiber bundles, and buffer tubes are stored. Standard type of splice trays, block of 1 splice cassettes are located on a
pullout shelf covered with removable transparent cover, allowing easy access to the buffer tube, fiber storage and
splicing area. FSTP adapters are plugged in with 20°angle with the box, which is not only to guarantee the curvature
radius of the patch cord but also to make operator’s eyes free from radiation of laser.


• 19″ / 23″ standard mounting design with static electric plastic sprayed, nice appearance
• Easy assembly so that anyone can set up your systems
• Standard protection rating IP41
• Grounded, preventing static shock
• Flexible installation, convenient for operation and maintenance.
• Color powder coated RAL (standard RAL 7038)
• FC, ST, SC & LC types of adapters could be plugged in Clear fiber route & Flexible installation
• Pigtails coiled and stored on the tray
• Convenient for operation and maintenance
• 15 years manufacturer’s repair /replacement warranty
• Manufactured in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Technical Datasheet