An Optic fiber adapter or uniter is used to mate two connectors
together, usually mounted in a distribution panel or wall box.
Rougil Optic fiber adapters are precision made to ensure the perfect
alignment of connectors, reducing insertion loss. In most cases the
sleeve is the critical part of the system that aligns the ferrule parts of
the connectors, keeping the fibers in perfect alignment.
Generally there are 2 types of alignment sleeve within an adapter,
phosphor bronze for multimode or zirconia (ceramic) for singlemode.
In the case of the MT-RJ and MTPTM/MPO the alignment is carried out
by two guide pins fitted to one of the connectors. The adapter is
purely to support and lock the connectors together in the distribution
panel or wall box.


▪ Complies with IEC 61754-25
▪ Available as FC, SC, ST, LC, MT-RJ and MTPTM/MPO
▪ Available in simplex, duplex, quad (LC) and hybrid versions
▪ High precision zirconia or standard phosphor bronze sleeves
▪ Low insertion loss
▪ High repeatability and stability
▪ RoHS, REACH compliant

Technical Datasheet